Tuesday, 9 June 2015

A Waffly Poem - Alice


“Well, Well, Well”, thrice the cat chimed,
you stumbled down that tunnel, blind,
Upon sliding down the muddy path,
you contemplate the aftermath,

There is no way to scramble back,
you must trek on into the black,
you thought a magic mystic land,
would greet you when you hit the sand,

That is the folly of the weak,
who in their wonder often seek,
the hidden worlds of fantasy,
and end up lost to insanity,

“Do not fear”, laughed the cat,
who on a twisting branch, he sat,
“There are ways on through the dark,
but every way will leave a mark”,

You seem confused by its meaning,
suddenly on a sign you’re leaning,
Pointing up, right, left and round,
even pointing at the ground,

The cat is gone now from the tree,
A frozen smile is all you see,
You stare in wonder at the sign,
And take the path you think less time,

In the pitch you fall and scramble,
Surrounded by mean branch and bramble,
shivering in the cold night air,
with dirt on face and leaves in hair,

You struggle on and fight the dangers,
Meeting all the strangest strangers,
from talking hares to singing flowers,
and cruel queens with cosmic powers,

Until you fall upon a door,
floating just above the floor,
The cat smiles and gestures with his tail,
To the door of wood and nail,

“Off you go back to your home,
Where you will be all alone,
or stay with us and our madness,
escaping from your crushing sadness,

Whatever choice young one you take,
It will be the last you ever make,
Live here in all this ecstasy,
or go back to your sanity.”

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