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Table Top Tips - 8 Macabre Spells for PC's and NPC's

Table Top Tips 
 8 Macabre Spells for PC's and NPC's 

Spells!  Everyone like spells. The below spells are likely to result in your inevitable burning at the stake, but trying at least one is certainly worth death by fire.

Throw these into your game, add a few stats and saves depending on the system, and have fun watching your PC's exploit the one off power, or  laugh as they die horribly at the hands of a well equipped Super Boss. These could be found in books, gifted by gods, or simply stumbled upon on a scroll.  

Well that's a terrifying idea...
1. Straight To the Bone -  Your victim makes a save vs magic. If they fail, your victims body begins to vibrate with a strange power. Your hand outstretched, you concentrate on what is now writhing beneath the skin. Their flesh is grounded in place. Suddenly, ripped from the still standing husk of fleshy meats and organs now dangling as tendrils from the open cocoon of skin, is your victims willing skeleton. 

Make a Save to see if you can control this swaying skeleton. If you cannot, it will attack, if you can, turn it on those that have witnessed your power and watch them run in terror.

2. Murder Suicide - The creature commits suicide, connects their soul to the person they have targeted, a failed Save Vs. magic mean that they both fall to bleeding.

"You wot mate?"
3. Carrion Crows - Need to dispose of a body? Perhaps you need a distraction? You summon a flock of swarming crows who consume dead flesh. This can be used as an effective anti-undead attack. 

4. Boneless - You suddenly crumple to a heap on the floor, without any bones in your body at all. Whatever magic is inside you keeps you alive but you are in agonizing pain. You can be fed through small gaps or holes, even fed through a letterbox or between bars. Dispel magic will negate this effect and you are not able to move without assistance. You can then regrow your bones at will before your time is up or your bones will grow back in 2d4 minutes automatically. Take 1d8 damage at the end of this spell. If you are not quick enough, you may grow back midway through an escape attempt. If this happens whilst going through a letter box, you will be severed in half, if through a grate, you will make wonderful mosaic.

5.  Skin Suit - You hollow out the body of your victim. You peel off your own skin and preserve it, perhaps neatly folded between the lantern oil, the map of strange places and your night time blanket. You then step into the body of your victim and you wear their corpse like a costume. You do not mimic their voice, nor do you have their memories, but you look exactly like them and you inherit their strength, Armour and dexterity. You must make a save to be able to take the skin off and another save to put your own back on again. You can only make these saves once a day. 

6. Consuming Thoughts - Your victim makes a save vs. magic. If they fail, they begin to have dark feelings towards another party member or their companions, depending on who this is cast on. A low fail means they are infected with the thoughts and distracted from their initial goal, a high fail and they are consumed by it and must act upon them. What these dark thoughts are are entirely up  to you. 

They're almost worth the violent expulsions.
7. Poison Apples - You conjure up a poison apple. Roll a D6. If you roll a 1-2 the apple will cause severe vomiting and diarrhea in the intended victim. If you roll 3-4, the apple is an ordinary apple which tastes sour. If you roll a 5-6, the apple will kill your victim in seconds. The apple will cause the victim to rot whilst they are still alive from the stomach outwards. 

8. Troubling Teleports - Your victim makes a save vs magic/death.  You teleport to their location if they fail. You yourself need to make a save vs. magic to see if you land in the location you want to. If you fail, the dungeon master can roll a Latitude 1DX (depending on the room)  for 1  x 5 feet and a Longitude 1DX  for 1 x 5 feet, and that is where you end up. If it is in a wall, you die.  If you succeed, your victim does not teleport but you teleport into them, causing their body to explode around you as you appear in their place. You might want to wear black.

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