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Table Top Tips - The Mirror Table

The Mirror Table 

A handy mirror table. Replace "mirror" with reflective surfaces and you can have some awful lakes, repulsive vases or dangerous pots of blood.  I have written it as if it is for Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Change the stats and this can easily fit into any system. 

I would like to say a big thank you to +Thea Garrett , for helping with Numbers 11, 13 and 17. You are wonderfully gross. 

You see your parents, or who you think are your parents, arguing. You see your own pudgy arms and realise the mirror is showing you looking up from your crib as a child. You start to cry, your mother covers her mouth and turns away, terrified. Your father stares down and then slowly lowers a pillow over your vision. You scream, and cannot breath.
Save Vs. Paralyse/Will, or you begin to suffocate. 1D6 Damage a minute. Dispel Magic will negate this effect.
You see yourself in the mirror. Your image begins to dart about the reflection of the room and waves. It refuses to stay still! Sometimes it does, taunting you, only to slip away again. It never lets you see yourself for longer than a few seconds and it takes great delight in hiding behind objects.
Save Vs. Magic, or you will only ever see the back or your head or a dancing image of yourself. You will never shave properly again.
You see yourself in the mirror. All appears normal. You look away, the mirror doesn’t. Other players will be able to see your reflection is staring at you. When you look back, your reflection disappears.
Save Vs, Magic, Your reflection has disappeared forever. You roll 1d10 every time you look into a reflective surface. If you roll a 1, 5 or 10, a version of you will reach out and attempt to slit your throat.
You see a tree in the distance with the swinging body silhouetted against white fog. It is hard to make out through the fog who this person is. You can hear the creak of the branch, and you can feel the wind on your cheeks as if you are the one in the tree. Suddenly, something tightens around your throat and squeezes.
Save Vs. Magic or A noose appears connected to the mirror around the player's neck. The other players must cut the rope to separate the players, the rope has 1d6 health, or it will drag the player into the mirror to hang for all eternity.  
You stare into the mirror and you can see a dam in the distance. As you touch the mirror, suddenly, raging water pours towards you. At first, you think it will stop when it reaches the mirror. The water erupts the mirror and begins to fill the room. If you are directly in the way, you will be hit by the blast.
Physical contact with the mirror results in the dam breaking. 1d6 damage if you are struck by the wave. Room will flood for 1d20 rounds.
You see yourself and your party members. Nothing appears out of the ordinary, so you believe.
Nothing happens. Roll a dice behind your GM sheet and smile at the player. It will haunt them all session. Occasionally look at the player, smile, roll a dice, chuckle and then continue the game. It works a treat.
You look into the mirror and suddenly the world around you erupts into chaos. Creatures of immense size begin to claw their way through the doors or windows. Tendrils of black viscous sludge begin to writhe from the gaps in brickwork and spill from any dark corners. A great swarm of vicious black ants swarm at your feet.
Save vs. Paralyse, if you fail you see the chaos for all of your life in reflective surfaces. You develop a phobia of your own reflection and you will need to make a Save Vs. Paralyse to stop yourself from freezing if you look into any mirrors in future.
You stare into the mirror. You see your party members whispering behind your back. If you fail your Save Vs. Magic, you are convinced that you can hear them plotting against you.
Save Vs. Magic, or you will hear sounds from the mirror of your party members plotting your death. The manner is at the GM’s discretion, or the players if they want to describe it.
You see yourself in the mirror. You feel a magical tug at your belly. If you fail your save you see your reflection lift up your top or shed your armor. Your reflections eyes go wide and it screams silently. It claws at your stomach and digs its way through your skin. It rips at its intestines and they spill out on the floor.
Save Vs. Magic, if you fail you feel a warmth spread out over your abdomen. When you look down, you can see a great gash has formed across your body and your intestines have spilled out over the floor.
You and your party members can see inside the mirror. Inside the mirror is a table laden with beautiful golden leaves. They spill from a great silver urn set upon the table. In the distances, there is a young woman clutching one of the leaves and she rocks backwards and forwards. She has a long length of rope wrapped around her middle which has been severed.

If you touch the mirror, your hand slips through to the other ream.
Your players can enter the mirror but one part of their body, or something must be connected to the outside world of they will not return. For example, they must be connected to a rope outside the mirror, or holding the hand of another player. The woman will try to keep them in their with her.

The leaves are 1d4 [Coinage] and there are 3d100 leafs.
The mirror before you is covered in a thin layer of dust. It appears very old. When you look inside, you see nothing. There is a great expanse of nothingness stretching before you.
Save Vs. Paralysis, if you fail you are consumed by the nothingness and cannot move.

A thick layer of dust covers the mirror, If another player wipes this away it negates the effect and the mirror becomes a normal mirror.
You stare into the mirror. A crowd stares back. Every time you move, they cheer and throw their hats and cloaks into the air. When the hats and cloaks fall, they materialise and begin to fall on you.
Save vs. Magic, or a crowd will appear every time the player looks into a reflective surface. The hats and cloaks will increase in number until the player is crushed to death.
You look into the mirror. Something itches underneath your skin. Something feels very off. If you pass your save, you notice it is dusty and the mirror is tilted wrong, that’s all. If you fail, your skin begins to peel away as creatures squirm underneath. You feel your face peel away from your, connected only by thin strips of fleshy tendon. Maggots swarm over the red fleshy muscle beneath and you realise they are under every part of your skin. You scream as they devour your flesh.
Save Vs, Magic, or you will be consumed by maggots hatching underneath your skin.
You see the room you are standing in in front of you. It doesn’t appear to be any different. However, you cannot see any of the other player characters. Save Vs Magic, if you pass nothing else seems out of the ordinary. If you fail then you feel a splitting pain in your head; then, you look around. You are not able to see or hear your comrades.
Save Vs. Magic, if you fail, you cannot see other party members for 1d10 minutes. You can feel them. You cannot hear them. You can injure them. They can see you fine.
You see yourselves in the mirror. You appear to be arguing among yourselves over the corpse of the party member who first looked into the mirror. The corpse is eaten away and appears to be old. The party members will respond if the player, or any of the others knock. These party members can speak to your party members. If the party members can stop them bickering, they explain that they saw the exact same thing in their mirror and will warn them that a creature will emerge from a nearby chest to kill the party member on the ground.
GM are the mirror party members five minutes in the future. They can only be contacted if the players shake, move or knock the mirror. They will warn of imminent danger. If the players ignore the mirror, a creature will erupt from the box and attack the party member who first looked in. Stat this creature highly. If they act, they can seal the box or escape the room.
You see the room you are in in the mirror. It is filled with rich food and jugs of wine carried by decadently dressed servants. They beckon you, tasting the wine and the apples.
Save Vs.Magic, or you are consumed by desire. You are hungry and will try to think of any way to enter the mirror. You are consumed with lust and gluttony. You will fixate on the mirror as if it is a doorway, even if it is destroyed, wrapped in the madness of hunger, thirst and aching sexual frustration.
A mirror is covered in a bloody sheet. If you take the sheet away and look into the mirror and you see nothing abnormal at first. Then, red oily liquid drips onto your cheek. You reach up and you see it has stained your fingers. If you taste it, it tastes of iron. The ceiling begins to rain, and you realise that the substance is blood. Tiles/boards from the ceiling shatter, and boy parts and blood begin to rain down on you hard. You must wade your way through the viscera out of the room.
Removal of sheet automatically causes the mirror to activate Rain of Viscera.

If the players delay, you may wish to have them roll to avoid drowning in gore.
You look into the mirror and you see a future. There is a beautiful cottage, a white picket fence. Two children play happily on the grass with a young puppy. A warmth fills your chest.
Save Vs. Magic, if you fail, the cottage is set on fire by angry villagers screaming witch. The children are impaled by the villagers with slats from the fence and the puppy is kicked to death. The next time you open a bag or chest, you will find the puppies corpse.
You look into the mirror and you see your last victim staring back at you mouthing “Why?”. If it is a monster, it wobbles or roars at you in anger.
Save Vs. Magic, if you fail, your victim steps out of the mirror for you to fight again, claiming that they will take your life for taking theirs.

If you die in combat, the victim will take control of your body.
You stare into the mirror. The world around you starts to distort and wave. It's becoming shiny and reflective. In horror, you realise that it is shattering under its own transformation. The world around you is collapsing in on itself, turning into shards of glass, but the world in the mirror is the same.
Your players have literally shattered the world. If they are smart, they can jump through the mirror. They have to make a Save Vs Magic and pass to be able to transfer through into the mirror world where it is safe. If they fail, they are stuck in the shattering world and fall into nothingness for all eternity.

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