Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Bumbling Along - The First Bumble

 Bumbling Along

Having never blogged before, I am giving myself the benefit of the doubt if I suck at it.

This is an experiment. It's a start at giving myself a good challenge of writing every week on something that interests me and maybe one other person out in the world somewhere.

With this, there might be short stories, there might be rambles. I might look at Games I have played or want to play, both virtual and tabletop. I might talk about writing, books, anything! I might discuss feminism, anti-feminism, global warming, politics, or whether or not Batman or a Cyclops Dinosaur from Mars would win in a fight (come on, we all know it would be batman).

The blog is your Oyster? That probably isn't right...

I am an avid creative writer. My grammar is not perfect, my style is maybe a bit colloquial.. or downright weird. I don't have much confidence in myself but I would like to build that up like a pyramid.

What I would love is constructive advice. Rome wasn't built in a day and whilst some people have natural talent then build off of it, others work hard at learning and improving from no skill. I am the latter.

So if you are interested and you want to read some weird rambles and strange short stories, this is probably the place for you!

- Kathryn J

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