Thursday, 17 September 2015

Table Top Tips: Three Ridiculous Cursed Items for Bizarre Games

Three Ridiculous Cursed Items for Bizarre Games 

My mind is in a bit of a funny place at the moment. It's focusing less on horror and weird, and more on the bizarre and fluffy. So here is a short blog for this week with some simple and weird cursed items for games which are a bit more light heart-ed. They are not the most original, but have fun!

The Slipper of Annihilation 

The name is courtesy of Richard Byfield, who text me this when a spider accosted me in the shower and I text him the emergency, requesting he send me a swat team.
The Deadliest of Weapons

This mighty weapon resembles an ordinary old mans slipper. It is moth eaten, the sole is well worn and the smell could knock out a herd of cows. Perhaps that is the source of its power, perhaps that is what fuels it, feeds the hunger to destroy.The slipper of annihilation, once worn, cannot be removed. It leaves a putrid smell in your wake; something akin to prune juice, whale blubber soap and decaying innards of a wheel of ancient cheese. 

The slipped grants the wearer a +2 attack bonus against creatures who have more legs than four. Any arachnids take +3, however, the wearer loses -2 charisma and takes a penalty when trying to intimidate or persuade, simply because their great weapon smells so very, very bad.

The Hat of Babbling


 This hat is one of the fanciest damn hats you have ever laid your eyes on. It's perfect, ideal for the shape of your head (and seems to fit perfectly). It is wide rimmed, bright red, it even has a feather! You will be the most attractive creature in all the land if you wear this hat. Make a save Vs. Will/Magic to stop yourself from putting on this shining example of fashion genius. 

A sudden compulsion overwhelms you. A newfound confidence floods your body and suddenly you have absolutely no desire to lie about how you truly feel anymore. Your positive honesty radiates from you like some mad beacon. You are now completely honest, not only are you unable to lie, you actually go into detail about yourself and others...  giving information not everyone wants to really hear. 

You can make a save daily to try and remove the hat. But honestly, why would you want to? It's just so god damn fabulous. 

The Necklace of Love-At-First-Sight

This necklace looks very expensive. It is laden with jewels and made of solid gold. It's heavy to the touch too. It's the perfect piece to either wear to make others insanely jealous, or later sell for a small fortune.
Love is also blind. Very blind.

Unfortunately, the moment you pick this necklace up you find yourself falling madly in love with the first person you set eyes on. Not only that, but you are convinced you have had a long and happy relationship with this individual for years.  When you put the necklace down, this feverish lust fades, however, if you pick it up again then you once again fall in love with whoever you look at. It works through gloves and fabrics and cannot be carried on the end of a stick, staff or sword as the effect simply bounces.

Enjoy! A little bit of random for your weekend. 

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