Thursday, 23 July 2015

6 More Weird Effects - Table Top Tips

  6 More Weird Effects

Weirdly Dangerous Potion or Magic Effects For Stumped Game Masters 

Do you need another strange set of scenarios to shove on your unsuspecting players? Are you looking for more weird and wonderful effects that you can throw into a game quickly to add an extra bit of fun?

Here are 6 more weird effects that you can add to any potion, curse or magic effect table:

1. You become a rock. You are aware you are a rock, you can feel that you are a rock and you can see the world around you, from your new position on the floor, standing at about 2 inches tall. You are rock for 1d10 minutes. You are just a rock, however, you can be used as a throwing weapon (1d4 damage).

2. Something is calling your name at night, but only you can hear it. Something is walking in the shadows, but only you can see it. Something is sliding its hands around yours and your comrades throats when you all sleep, but only you can feel it. You constantly hallucinate a figure out to get you and the other players. You develop severe paranoia and insomnia for 1d10 days. Take a penalty to intelligence and dexterity rolls and a bonus to any role that requires perception or scrutiny. 

3. You see everyone as barnyard animals wearing farm clothes. You have a strange hatred of pigs. They are still speaking English, but they are now animals. This does cause you some confusion and to question your sanity. This lasts your current (not total) HP in days.

4.  You can speak to plants. This is rather useless, as plants don't have much to say. 

5.  Once per day you reach to a loose flap of skin running down your chest. You peel it aside and reveal a chasm within your body. This acts as a bag of holding nestled between your ribs. You may wish to be careful and remember this, as this effect only lasts as long as a D20 roll in days. If you still have objects inside you when this wears off... you will explode, split apart by the objects you decided to neglectfully store away. Shame on you.

6.  You are convinced you are now the Champion of a small ragtag nation of discriminated against creatures who are killed without being truly understood. These creatures are at the Game Masters discretion. If you come across one of these creatures you will try to champion for it, and/or try to befriend it, no matter how deadly.

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